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i've been told i should write a blog. this is me writing a blog - mostly about nothing. well...at least nothing that's mind-blowing or life-changing. furthermore, there are no rules and no limitations to this blog. lawd only knows i've never been a rule follower! i suppose in some ways that this is my opportunity to just say what it is i want and need to say, and for those of you who know me best...i'm probably not going to apologize for it.

if you've ever just wanted to unload, vent, bitch, moan and whine about life and how much it sucks kaka, and not care to be judged while just putting your feelings out there...here's your chance. or perhaps you want to tell everyone what blows your hair back and what a great day it is to be alive...bring it on! (i haven't always been a pessimist)! wink-wink. nudge-nudge. so read on my fellow bloggers!

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31 August 2010

The "House" that Fox Built

so in my boredom this past week and a half, i've resigned myself to syndicated television...most often in which i find completely mind-numbingly detrimental to my intelligence. however, i lack self-control when it comes to most things that are bad for me (i.e., vodka, nicotine, men, etc.). although, i'm not convinced that television dramas are as toxic to brain stimulation...say...as much as "robot chicken". but i will never stop watching robot chicken because i believe it encompasses a whole different level of intelligence and understanding for one to have the ability to appreciate the humor that the writers bring to the table. YOU GO SETH GREEN! i'm in love with you for your comedic skills that are far superior to the rest of the world's population.

but alas! i find my a.d.d. kicking in. what was my point? oh right. i am addicted to television dramas. so much in fact that i find it incredulous when i'm watching a repeat of a repeat. how sad is that? sounds like i need to get a life. and that's not all. but my point is...i'm saved! i had never watched "house" prior to a few days ago. now i can look forward to the unsettling feeling of watching repeats of reruns of "house", and i couldn't be more ecstatic! and yes, i'm completely serious. (i've already admitted to needing to get a life so leave me alone).

it is no wonder that "house" has received the endless fascinating reviews and prestigious hollywood awards it has. it's really fucking funny! yes. i understand it's a drama. but it's really fucking funny. hugh laurie cracks my shit up. i find myself also in love with him...sorry seth green, the truth is out! his character, "house" is completely and utterly atrocious, egotistical, insensitive and crass but the man he portrays is anything but stupid. his sarcasm and his inability to be delicate makes me laugh. others may find him completely vulgar...i find it refreshingly remarkable that he's entirely uncouth and honest while lacking diplomacy. (gawd...i love a man who makes me laugh). i gauge a television drama's success by it's ability to move me while still having the capacity to make me laugh. i just wish i had taken the time to sit down and watch it sooner.

i guess if there is any applicable reason for me to bitch...it would be that enough people simply do not appreciate those who are blunt and to the point, and who do not care to beat around the bush. after all, we are all adults and do i really need to sugarcoat the truth? why? again. WHY. in case you haven't noticed, this isn't fucking disney world and i'm not your fairy fucking godmother. but i am here to tell those of you who lack diplomacy...CONGRATU-FUCKING-LATIONS! you rock! and in my book, you're my equal. now i might not always agree with you but at least i'll respect you, and i can guarantee that you'd rather have me respect you than like you or agree with you.

p.s. diplomacy is not always a bad thing. in fact, i'm positive that if i had exercised tact more frequently in my lifetime that it would have probably been to my benefit. that being said, i'd also probably understand those who lack diplomacy a lot less, and appreciate those with tact only a little bit more than i already do. hey. this is my reality. this is my blog. if i want to live in my self-delusional world where diplomacy isn't necessary...than i should be able to.

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