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i've been told i should write a blog. this is me writing a blog - mostly about nothing. well...at least nothing that's mind-blowing or life-changing. furthermore, there are no rules and no limitations to this blog. lawd only knows i've never been a rule follower! i suppose in some ways that this is my opportunity to just say what it is i want and need to say, and for those of you who know me best...i'm probably not going to apologize for it.

if you've ever just wanted to unload, vent, bitch, moan and whine about life and how much it sucks kaka, and not care to be judged while just putting your feelings out there...here's your chance. or perhaps you want to tell everyone what blows your hair back and what a great day it is to be alive...bring it on! (i haven't always been a pessimist)! wink-wink. nudge-nudge. so read on my fellow bloggers!

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01 August 2010

Procrastination and ADD

so i just finished sending out an announcement about my new blog and in the message relayed something about procrastination and ADD. it's funny how one stumbles upon ideas for their blogs/posts. it's like my life sucks so i'll write about it - GREAT idea. wtf.

i'm just here to bitch about being an extraordinarily horrific procrastinator...that coupled with the fact that i'm not only a self-proclaimed ADD individual but have also recently been medically diagnosed as such - does not make for a good combination. and then there is the addict in me that tends to rear its ugly little head too often...but shit! what's not to love about a great addiction like shoes and vodka? did i also mention that i suffer from depression?

yes. walking basket-case coming soon to a theatre near you! ahhh...this is my life...and so it goes.

it could not be a more perfect day to be working on my tan (yes...i am totally vain and don't care about skin cancer), but instead of getting me some pool time in...i'm holed up in the darkness of my apartment (the blinds and curtains are drawn), trying to find my sanity in my unleashing of myself through words. oh. that and i totally got drunk last night and stormed out of the apartment of my "man of the moment" (let's face it...until i have a ring on my finger, every man will just be a man of the moment...lawd only knows i have a big "L" tattooed on my forehead when it comes to relationships). anyway. the pool is at his place and since i pretty much told him to pound sand and die, i don't think showing up with tanning lotion in one hand and a cocktail in the other is a very good idea. know what i'm sayin'?

good thing i'm not a bitch! yeah, yeah, yeah. keep your comments to yourself. honestly though...i'm just at the point in my life (okay...have always been at this point in my life), where i'm just irritated with people and mostly hate everyone. therefore, i'm bitchy. and i probably wouldn't find it necessary to be so bitchy but it's not my fault that people just annoy the fuck outta me sometimes. it's not like i asked the rest of the world around me to wake up and be an agitating prick or an inconvenience to my life. i know that sounds totally selfish and absurd but it's true. so i'm not the most patient of people...nor am i diplomatic - we ALL know that. but i would like to think that i can be somewhat easygoing...key word - SOMEWHAT. it's just a matter of getting older and experiencing life and losing patience at about the same rate i'm losing my sanity AND my hair. (i think i'm going bald). people just annoy me and since i can't drink all day, every day, i think i should at least be able to be bitchy sometimes.

and yes. that's me honking my horn at you for driving slower than a two year-old on a tricycle. and yes. that's me giving you the finger for driving like a dickbag. and yes. that's me sighing audibly behind you and cursing you out under my breath because you've decided you "really do have the exact change" and you don't care if it takes you five minutes to find it...i mean, forget the rest of the world waiting on your "change-counting, slower than a snail, cheap-ass"! i try to be considerate when there's a line the length of a football field behind me (okay...that's a TINY exaggeration), but some people are so oblivious to others that i think THEY'RE the selfish ones.

and that's all i have to say about that!

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